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Meet the friendly staff at Striegel Animal Hospital!

  • Dr. Brandy Doggett
    Veterinarian /Owner

    Dr. Doggett has been the owner of Striegel Animal Hospital since October of 2014. Her journey to Carbondale has been a long one. She was brought up in a Navy family and knew that military service was in her future from a very young age. She joined the Navy after graduating from high school, and soon began her first career as an Aviation Electronics technician. After 9 years she knew it was time to pursue her other dream, Veterinary Medicine. After being honorably discharged from the Navy she moved to Knoxville Tennessee to help her family, and begin her long and rewarding journey into Veterinary Medicine. For Dr. Doggett, this was just another way she could live a life of service, while at the same time living her dream.

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  • Dr.
    Emi Hayashi

    Dr. Emi Hayashi is an associate veterinarian. She moved to Southern Illinois when her husband accepted a tenure track position at SIU. Dr. Emi dreamed about being a veterinarian from the time she was 4 and got her first puppy, a Chow-German Shepherd mix named Ntasha. (She did try to name the dog Peter.) She loves the application of science and the treasure of the human-animal bond, which makes being a veterinarian the perfect calling. Dr. Hayashi is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University (Class of 2005). She has completed a small animal medicine/surgery internship at the California Animal Hospital in Los Angeles, and a neurology/neurosurgery internship at the Center for Veterinary Specialty Care in Carrollton, Texas. Her veterinary passions include neurology, clinical research, teaching/mentoring, and science communication. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Physiology at SIU studying animal models of traumatic brain injury. She loves learning and now has a cumulative 16 years of college and post-doctoral training in her repertoire. Dr. Emi lives with her amazing husband and best friend Logan, an associate professor at SIU. She also shares her home with the Grand Duchess Illinois Alexandria (“Pooga” – long story, don’t ask) and Court Jester Vermont Paige (“Paigey-Poops). Her amazing extended family lives in Richmond, Virginia; New York City; and Cincinnati, Ohio. She is blessed to be able to work a few hours a week at Striegel Animal Hospital. The clinic cats help lower her blood pressure and she loves the Fear Free and AAHA certifications that are a first and only in Southern Illinois. She is honored to work with the technicians, receptionists, and staff that make it a fun and relaxing place to work. Her personal interests are varied but include yoga, kitty snuggles, curling up with a good book, Dr. Who, the works of Joss Whedon, and eating delicious foods. She dreams about being on the TED talk stage one day, celebrating over 50 years of marriage to Logan, and having Pooga be the first cat to live to 100.

  • Sarah D
    Practice Manager

    Sarah is the practice manager at Striegel Animal Hospital. In 2011, Sarah started out as a receptionist with no experience in veterinary medicine. After the first few months of working at Striegel, she really grew to love the industry. “It is such an amazing feeling know we are able to help these animals and make a difference.” Sarah states.

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  • Debbie M
    Office Manager

    Debbie is the Office Manager at Striegel Animal Hospital. She previously worked at DuQuoin Vet Clinic for Dr. Bates, working with large and small animals. Debbie came to Striegel March of 1996 as a receptionist and in 2014 she became the Office Manager.

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  • Julia K
    Veterinary Receptionist

    Julia Kartje has been working as a receptionist at Striegel Animal Hospital since April of 2015. She originally started with us as a Kennel Technician but has moved up to being in the reception area. She also helps in any department she can when help is needed. She moved to Carbondale for school and attends Southern Illinois University Carbondale where she is working towards getting her B.S. in Animal Science with a minor in Chemistry. She came to work at Striegel to get some veterinary experience and she has learned a lot since she started! Julia was born and raised with her family in St. Louis where her dad and brother work as firefighters and her mom has dedicated her time to fostering dogs though a local rescue. Julia has a beautiful rescue pit bull terrier mix named Daisy, who is the sweetest dog in the world! In January of 2017, Julia had the unique opportunity to internship at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, FL. This entailed a temporary move down to the Florida Keys to assist with the cognitive studies done with the dolphins at the research center and field research with the wild Florida Keys dolphin population. While Julia was really happy to come back to Carbondale and finish school (and see everyone at Striegel!) she still plans to move back down to the keys at some point to live by the ocean and work with dolphins again.

  • Michelle R
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Michelle graduated from Murray State University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Her area of study, focused on animal health which allowed her to pursue her certificate as a Veterinary Technician. Michelle’s career started in Louisville, Kentucky as an emergency Veterinary Technician. In 2003 she and her husband, Eric moved to Southern Illinois where she has worked as a Veterinary Technician from 2003-2011 and particularly at Striegel Animal Hospital from 2009-2011.

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  • Betsy W
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Betsy graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Indy in December of 2009. While in school, Betsy worked as an animal caretaker at Best Friends' Pet Care and also worked as a veterinary assistant at Greenwood Animal Clinic. After graduating, she moved to southern Illinois so her husband, Matt, could attend SIU for forestry.

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  • Lori C
    Kennel Technician

    Lori is a kennel Technician. She is from Christopher, IL and has lived in other towns such as Benton, Herrin, West Frankfort, and Ewing but, over the last year has made her way back to her hometown. Lori grew up in an apartment most of her young life and was not allowed to have pets. She always felt like she had a special place in her heart that was meant for the love of animals that she never got to have as a child. She has held a few different jobs. One of her first jobs was at DiMaggio’s, the local pizzeria in Christopher. Which she will tell you, only the cool kids got to work at. We don’t know about that but she is still very close with everyone she worked with there so they must have had some good times. She also worked at the Southern IL Miners baseball stadium for a few seasons as well as being part of the safety team at Walmart. Lori also worked in management for 4 years but still felt like she was missing that rewarding feeling she heard other people talk about when she listened to others speak about their jobs. While searching for something new she happened upon an opening here at STRIEGEL ANIMAL HOSPITAL and decided to go for it. As an adult Lori finally was able to get a dog, a White Boxer named Lorraine she named after her grandmother. Lorraine passed away just a few months before Lori applied at the hospital from breast cancer. This job seemed perfect for all the love for animals she still has to give. Lori takes care of the boarders here and some of the animals waiting to be prepped for surgery. She also feeds them, medicates them if needed, and takes them outside for playtime or sometimes just for a potty break. She also does some of the cleaning to help keep our hospital clean and comfy for us and all our furry friends. On her days off, Lori enjoys learning new things with her fiancé, Tyler whom she has been with for over 2006. They also enjoy playing music together. Lori has played the drums since she was 10 years old and loves to sing. She also plays a bit of guitar but says she has a lot to learn. She hopes to learn piano over the next few years. She is also hoping that she finds a new pet that will be a good fit at home. She says she loves her job and is learning something new everyday!

  • Rachel S
    Kennel Technician

    Rachel is a kennel technician here at Striegel Animal Hospital. She is originally from Texas, but being in a military family made her move around a lot. She came to Illinois in 2004, and moved to Carbondale in 2016 to further her education. She currently goes to Southern Illinois University. She started working at Striegel in June of 2017, and has loved being here ever since. She has always had a passion to work with animals, and Striegel gave her an opportunity to do so. When she is not working, she travels to see her family (who currently resides in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.) She also likes to hang out with friends, doing crafts and reading a good book.

  • Palmer

    Palmer can usually be found in his kitty condo in the lobby looking out the windows. Palmer's favorite day is Saturday, when he gets a special treat of catnip. He is not the most graceful kitty in the world, but we love him!

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  • Piper

    Piper loves to greet clients at the front counter. When she is not greeting clients, she is sleeping in one of her many beds. She loves to play and have her belly rubbed. Piper also loves to climb in clients purses and help them write checks. She has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy as well and takes medication to help her heart.

  • Walnut
    Trouble Maker

    Walnut is a trouble maker but can be oh so sweet. He loves to go garbage diving and eat everything. He loves to be right next to you when you are eating and try to steal your food. Walnut, Ford, Palmer & Piper all came from a place in Ohio where we got to test out food! What a life, right?

  • Ford
    Official Facial Giver

    Ford is a very petite little girl with bilateral hip dysplasia problems, although, she doesn't let that stop her from climbing or jumping on anything. For the most part, you can find her in Debbie's chair. Ford's favorite part of the day is when Debbie picks her up so she can bird watch. She is a very sweet girl and love to lick anyone and everything.


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